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Attention SPSU Faculty!

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Welcome to the SPSU Center for Teaching Excellence. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement of our programs or website please email cte@spsu.edu

CTE Vision

To enhance student learning, the Center for Teaching Excellence fosters, promotes, supports, and nurtures an environment whose primary focus is to achieve excellence in teaching by providing leadership, resources and opportunities for dialogue among faculty.

Statement of Philosophy

The central assumption underlying development and initiation of the SPSU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is that innovation and achievement in teaching is and will continue to be a bedrock value of the university. Dedication to excellence in teaching is a fundamental and long term commitment, independent of personalities and the winds of political change and paradigm shifts. Achievement in teaching is acknowledged as a legitimate form of scholarship, and establishment of the CTE as an element of a comprehensive campaign for SPSU faculty to distinguish themselves as teachers. This is in awareness that meaningful and sustained improvement in teaching across the university will not be realized by administrative effort alone, nor by teaching promotion and leadership alone, but by these two forces in unison. Establishing and maintaining the CTE shall be matched in word and in deed in the policies, procedures, and philosophies of the university and its administration. Faculty attracted to participate in the activities of the CTE shall be conspicuously recognized and rewarded by the university, and shall not find themselves penalized or handicapped in matters of promotion and tenure.

Our Mission

The ultimate mission of the CTE at SPSU is:

  • students shall experience the kind of education they have a right to expect at a true university; and
  • students and faculty alike are seen as partners in learning, and in applying learning, in a spirit of inquiry and a zest for problem solving


1. To promote excellence in teaching and learning as an institutional priority.

2. To support and foster the scholarship of teaching.

3. To recognize and reward excellence in teaching.

4. To identify and share best practices in teaching across disciplines.

5. To identify and provide state-of-the-art teaching resources to help each faculty member achieve excellence in teaching.

6. To advocate and provide a vehicle for exploration and experimentation in teaching and learning.

7. To seek external funding to support teaching and learning at SPSU.

8. To broker collaboration among faculty.

9. To provide pedagogical leadership for peer and feeder institutions.

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